Books and bakes #5: The Push and cinnamon roll blondies

The bake

This week, I unintentionally combined two other bakes featured on this blog (cinnamon rolls and blondies) and made cinnamon roll blondies. I’ve been craving cinnamon a lot lately, which is a change from my usual chocolate cravings. I didn’t have the patience to make cinnamon rolls, so when I found this recipe on My Baking Addiction, it sounded perfect. The bonus was the icing used up the leftover cream cheese from last week’s cheesecake attempt. These were so easy to make and very easy to eat (I found it hard to hold myself back from eating “just one more small one”).

The book

I’m at the tail end of The Push by Ashley Audrain, a book that has been getting a lot of buzz. This suspenseful novel is about the dark side of motherhood and family life. While protagonist Blythe didn’t have a good relationship with her own mother, that doesn’t stop her from wanting to become a mother herself. But when her daughter arrives, motherhood isn’t what Blythe imagined. The story and the tension builds from there. I’m not the type of reader who can sit still long enough to read an entire book in one sitting, but I did read 80% of this book in one day. Today I’ll finish it, along with the last couple of cinnamon roll blondies.


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