Books and bakes #19: The Guest List and peach crumb bars

The bake

Peaches are one of my favourite fruits–quite possibly my absolute favourite. But let me clarify that the peaches must be local and perfectly ripe. Biting into a peach that isn’t in season is a different experience entirely. So when I heard Ontario peaches were out this year, I grabbed a basket as soon as I could.

The thing is, while I love peaches, eating a perfectly ripe peach can be a little tricky. Or at least I haven’t mastered the art of it. They are so deliciously juicy that you basically have to eat one over the sink. (It’s worth it, but it’s just not ideal.) Luckily, there are so many things you can do with peaches. You could make a cobbler or a crisp, slice them up and eat them with some whipped cream or ice cream, dice them and toss them into pancakes or muffins. You can grill them and/or add them to a salad. Did I mention I love peaches?

Last year, I made these peach crumb bars from Brown Eyed Baker after buying a few too many peaches that I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat before they went bad. But this year, I bought the peaches specifically so I could make these bars. I liked them that much! The shortbread crust and topping provide an excellent balance to the peach filling. Try to stop at just one.

The book

I gave The Guest List by Lucy Foley to my mother as part of her most recent Christmas gift. I had heard such good things about it, and I know my mom enjoys a good thriller just as I do. And I guess a part of me knew she would be willing to lend it to me after she’d finished it, which she has.

The story is about a group gathered for a wedding taking place on an island off the coast of Ireland. There are multiple perspectives told in the first person, but smartly, the author begins each chapter with not only the name of the character whose perspective we’re getting, but also includes their role in the wedding. It really helps keeps everyone straight. I am about a third of the way through, and the tension is building. I can’t to see where the story goes.