When books show up on TV

I’m not really into television. I don’t know most of the popular shows that people talk about, and there aren’t any programs I’m currently following. But I’ve never claimed to be someone who never watches television. I have my favourite shows, and I’ll watch those favourites again and again. And, of course, if one of those shows mentions books, I’ll enjoy it even more. I’ve gathered a few clips of a few of my favourite shows talking about books.


Books show up more than once in Seinfeld. I mean, Elaine Benes works at a publisher, for crying out loud. But this clip speaks to me, because I totally understand George wanting to get his books back from his ex (“They’re my books!”).

Peep Show

Peep Show is a brilliant British comedy that follows Mark and Jez, two friends/roommates who are basically the odd couple. Mark is uptight and awkward, and Jez is cool and laid-back. In this clip, Jez is trying to read Wuthering Heights for a book club to impress a woman, and he asks Mark to teach him how to read a book.

The Office (US)

Everyone always says the British The Office is better, and they are probably right. But I saw the American version first, so it will always have a special place in my heart. In this clip, Jim has asked Pam if he can join The Finer Things Club, which she and two other co-workers have formed. They are meeting to discuss Angela’s Ashes, and Jim hasn’t read the book.

IT Crowd

This is such a short clip, but IT Crowd is so great, and I love Richard Ayoade, who plays Moss, the character who receives two copies of Harry Potter in this clip.

I might not be hugely into television, but I know there are some really great shows out there. Readers shouldn’t feel like they can’t put their books down to enjoy some of this programming. And every now and then, books will show up on TV, and those moments will make whatever you’re watching even better.


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